There are many tried-and-true ways to have fun as a whole family in Edmonds: Point at boats, stick your toes in the sand, linger over local art, look for Waldo, explore the ever-growing food scene, and so on, but you may have thought of those things already, huh? 

In this article, we’re going to dig a little deeper. We’re talking off-the-beaten-path activities for the whole family—some you may have considered, and many you probably haven’t. So, grab a snack, your favorite beverage, a notebook, and a pen because we’re going to be spending some major time together. 

And, before we get too far down the road here, we want you to know that we’re casting a wide net as far as age ranges. From babies to borderline grown-ups, the following 23 things keep everyone engaged—from one to one hundred. You’ll know which activities may skew younger or older, and if you don’t, just reach out on our social media channels. We’re always happy to chat about all things Edmonds!  

Parallel Play

Often, the best activities are spent next to each other. Everyone’s able to get in the zone. Some of our favorite places to flow as families are Glazed and Amazed for ceramics painting and glass fusing, kids’ yoga at places like Yoga Sanctuary (sign up for their newsletter to stay in the know), or pump your competitive juices into a raucous game of Whirlyball. If you haven’t tried the last option and you have older kids, be sure to check it out. There’s nothing like this combination of lacrosse and basketball played in bumper cars. It’s been going strong in Edmonds since 1986 and shows no signs of stopping! 

Take It All In Together

We all know that Edmonds is beautiful, so beach time and long looks out over the water are a given. The twenty-ish minute ferry ride over to Kingston is an experience in itself, and so much is walkable from the Edmonds landing that you could enjoy a whole, wonderful day together on the cheap. Check the schedule to walk on, grab yourself a seat with a view, and make memories for a lifetime. Our waters are very friendly to wildlife, including whales. 

Make sure you explore the marina, too. This summer, enjoy Sea Notes at The Marina and bop to music played by various artists throughout the warmer months. If the kiddos need to keep it movin’, park yourself at the outdoor sandbox at Anthony’s and enjoy the tunes from there. Once the set is over and the crowds part, take a walk to the Edmonds Marsh, which hosts up to 90 species of birds throughout the year. 

If investing in the arts together is on your joint agenda, bookmark the events calendar for the Edmonds Center for The Arts. Their artistic quality and variety have kept generations in their plush seats for decades! 

Aquarium Co-Op in Firdale Village is a veritable tropical fish candy shop, not that you’d eat these fish but, you know, you can create an impressive home for them with the help of their knowledgeable team. Plus, you can meet their in-house mascot, a puffer fish named Murphy!

Not quite ready to tend to and care for live animals? We get it. Pop into The Wishing Stone to oooh and ahhh over beautiful rocks and gemstones. They have geodes to take home and crack open and a huge bin of mixed rocks kids can pile into a bag and take home with them. 

Sit-Down Snacks

We’ve covered a lot of ground already, so by now, you’re probably ready for a calorie refuel. Dim Sum is always fun, especially the famous Piggy Buns at Fashion Dim Sum on Highway 99. Other fun, quality, and fast options? Barkada, a Filipinx-Hawaiian restaurant on the edge of downtown, and Ono Poke at Westgate Village. Don’t underestimate your littles’ palates. There’s something for everyone at all of these delicious spots!  

Treat Them To Something Sweet

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, consider making a show of it by taking your favorite young humans to a tea party at Mel & Mia’s. This can be done on the fly by getting one of their Cream Teas or Unicorn Hot Teas, or you can plan in advance and reserve the tea room for a fancier to-do. 

Interested in trying somewhere new? Get soft serve with an oddly-shaped pizza from recent newcomer Moto Pizza, a Tawainese pastry from 85c, a free piece of fruit from the local PCC, or a generous scoop of ice cream from Waterfront Coffee. Walk on the beach after the last one is optional, but always welcome. The bubble man has been out quite frequently and is always a hit! 

Run Around

We’re well-versed in what happens to kids (and, let’s face it, all of us) when they’ve ingested too much sugar, so this last section is devoted to getting the wiggles out. Civic Center Playfield recently reopened after a multi-year renovation, and it’s more fun than ever. Play everything from petanque to pickleball in this eight-acre park in the center of the city. There’s also nearby Frances Anderson, which offers views of the Sound; Seaview Park with its inclusive playground, Hazel Miller Spray Park; Marina Beach Park, right on the water, and Picnic Point, which boasts a capsized ship ripe for exploration when the tide is way, way out. 

Whether you’re in Edmonds for the day or planning to come back to play as often as possible, we know that you and your whole crew will have a bunch of fun here. Keep our Instagram and Facebook pages refreshed for a steady stream of fun things to see and do, and tag us in your posts so we can see where you end up! 

Photos by Matt Hulbert