If it's Asian-fusion you want, look no further than the East/West symphony of Bar Dojo, Filipino-Hawaiian inspiration in Barkada, and the quality-driven, upscale poke bowls of Steven Ono.

Bar Dojo Chef de Cuisine Luis Brambila conducts an East/West symphony in his fusion of upscale delights, with a focus on Chino-Latino cuisine. 

Bar Dojo in Five Corners makes you feel like you’re out partying with friends after a wedding in Vegas, but with really fine food, thoughtfully curated and put together. Some favorites: Pork Belly Bowl, Ahi Poke Nachos, Salt & Pepper Wings, Dojo Kobe Burger, and Sunday Fried Chicken Dinners, back by popular demand. Keep checking their Instagram, Bar Dojo constantly updates its menu with seasonal, occasion-worthy specials. One time, they made lemongrass crème brûlée and birria ramen, a blend of spicy Mexican beef stew and ramen. Heavens!

Craving a taste of Hawaii, the Philippines, and a little PNW? You must check out humble, but mighty Barkada, a Filipino-Hawaiian restaurant doing great things at 622 5th Ave. S. 

Filipino-American Chef Brian Madayag combines his heritage with his NW upbringing in Edmonds, fishing, and honing his cooking skills, step by step, from learning the trade at Siam on Lake Union and bartending/managing downtown Seattle hot spots, to working in Tom Douglas’ kitchens. The result? A condensed, but brilliant rendition of his favorites, a mixed plate of Mount Vernon Chicken Adobo, kahlua pig and cabbage, garlic shrimp, poke, and sisig, a Filipino specialty comprised of chopped pork belly, 62-degree egg, spicy mayo, shaved onion, green onion, and cilantro, spiced vinegar on the side.  

For more aloha, head straight to Ono Poke, where owner and Hawaii transplant Steven Ono does the ancient Polynesian tradition right.

Ono learned the art of poke from his Uncle Reuben, a commercial fisherman. Pick what you want in your poke bowl, from the base (sushi rice, salad, or both) to the sides (edamame, mac salad, cucumber kim chee, wakame seaweed). The menu is updated daily with fresh catch(es) of the day on the restaurant’s Facebook page, and they only use sustainable, premium sushi grade 1 ahi from Hawaii, hamachi and tako from Japan, and salmon from British Columbia, as well as locally-sourced seafood that appear as specials. The produce are organic and pesticide-free.  The service is fast, efficient, and tradewinds-breezy.