Updated June 12, 2022.

Edmonds is coffee central for every kind of people: java junkies, artists and poets, bohemians, beatniks and intellectuals plotting their next take-over, people watchers, and moms with kids just looking for a pick-me-up and five minutes to themselves.

With the rainy, coastal weather (from fall into spring), coffee (and company) naturally happens to be the Pacific Northwest’s jam. Nowhere is that more true than in Edmonds, which does more than serve a decent cuppa joe.

We take our coffee and all things sweet seriously, with more than 10 bakeries, cafes, and coffee shops to prove it. Lots more.

Mai is behind the Vietnamese pastries, banh mi, and other specialties  at Rise & Shine Bakery (and Deli) in the International District, 23030 Hwy. 99. "I do everything on my own, including baking fresh-made banh mi and pastry and grilling every piece of meat [website]." The creative banh mi sandwich fillings — fried egg, pork terrine, meatball, grilled beef — will have you coming back for more. Work your way down the menu; there's a whole lot more, including savory bacon-onion-cheddar-cheese and lemon-blueberry pastries, milk tea, and fresh fruit smoothies.

Friendly, thoughtful, and thoroughly local, Grounded Espresso “loves you a latte,” chai, orange creamsicle, fruit smoothie, and all the good things that go with Northwest living, including gluten-free options. The baristas at this Firdale Village (23902 Firdale Ave.) drive-thru really appreciate their regulars, and the feeling’s mutual.

"The kind and attentive baristas always make great conversation with me as they whip up my drink in a quick and efficient manner, which I really appreciate. I've even come across the owners, Tryg and Julie, while I come through and can see how much they care about their employees, their customers, and the overall experience at Grounded Espresso."

Mountlake Terrace regular, Danielle W., posts this glowing recommendation on Yelp: “Grounded Espresso offers delicious coffee with five alternative milk options (which is awesome for me!), yummy baked goods, endless selection of flavors for coffee (hot, iced, and blended), toddy shots and white coffee for when I need an extra boost of energy, and also Lotus Energy Drinks (blue, pink, red, lemonade, and unsweetened) for plant-based, natural caffeine when I feel like having a tasty Italian soda!..."

She continues, "And I cannot forget the kind and attentive baristas! They always make great conversation with me as they whip up my drink in a quick and efficient manner, which I really appreciate. I've even come across the owners, Tryg and Julie, at the stand while I come through and can see how much they care about their employees, their customers, and the overall experience at Grounded Espresso.”

Formerly Carmen’s Latte, Grounded Espresso serves Dillanos Coffee Roasters beans from Sumner (“Roaster of the Year 2011,” Roast Magazine). In March 2012, new co-owner Julie Tobiassen unveiled Carmen’s Latte as Grounded Espresso after taking over the coffee shop earlier. The winner of a contest the previous October came up with the name, Grounded Espresso. Perfect.

Red Twig Bakery and Café, established in 2004 in the heart of downtown Edmonds (117 5th Ave. S.), is the kind of place you go for fresh-brewed, artisan coffee and tea in an array of preparations, scratch-made, American-European style desserts that make you sing, and a place to lay your beanie and scarf, and just chill. 

Order at the counter, maybe add your well wishes and good fortunes to the Community Coffee Board, and take a seat inside the vaulted, woodsy java temple, or go al fresco among the flowers, birds, and bees. 

Red Twig takes pride in roasting their own coffee, sourcing locally, ethically, and seasonally, and being there for you when you really need a friendly face and a “Hi, how are you?” Once you step in, you won’t ever want to leave. Get there early for brunch, and try their farmer’s tartine, bagel and lox, Eggs Benedict, breakfast crepes, and harvest breakfast bowl. Check their IG for the latest specials and deals.

Ever since Chee and Sherlyn Wong opened Jaiiya Café at 10032 Edmonds Way last August, people can’t get enough of their Portland-style, handcrafted food and drink (coffee, cold-pressed juice, smoothies). The focus is “very artisanal,” very fresh, very local, and very different from a typical café. “Our vision is to offer healthier, quality food and drink with a lean towards thinking outside the box. We plan on bringing items that you will not normally see at a café,” Chee says, adding that “we have cookies and pastries as well. We recognize that an occasional cookie or two helps keep our sweet tooth happy.” 

The Turkish Eggs have become a huge best-seller, for good reason. Delicate poached eggs sit on a bed of spicy-savory, peppery-buttery sauce and luscious yogurt, served with slices of toasty sourdough from The Cottage, Community Bakery

Chee is the former owner of another successful boutique café, Waterfront Coffee Co., closer to the ferry run.

Waterfront Coffee Co. on 101 Main St. — under new ownership — has been around since 1996. It's a fond ferry-going stop, and cozy place to catch up with friends…over Mukilteo Coffee Roasters and lots of grab-and-go snacks. The size of your coffee follows a seafood theme (shrimp, clam, oyster, geoduck). If you’re lucky, you might even score homemade piroshki from Piroshki on 3rd (“Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”). Smoked salmon and cream cheese, please.

The Cottage, Community Bakery provides a lot of amazing baked goods to a lot of amazing Edmonds establishments, including Jaiiya Café, Walnut Street Coffee, and Kelnero. At the annual holiday tree-lighting ceremony in 2019, baker Conor O’Neill’s salted chocolate chunk rye cookies stole the show, driving even more business to his Saturday Perrinville pop-up. 

“These folks show up every Saturday, in rain and snow year round, with such positivity and enthusiasm. It makes me so happy to continue to serve such an incredible community of people [Welcome Magazine, fall/winter 2020].”  

His breads, cookies, and pretzels are lovingly made as close to European Old World rustic as possible; meaning, locally-milled grains (he sources a great deal from Cairnspring Mills up in Burlington), sourdough starter, and lots of hands-on care, time, and feel. 

“The most popular bread is the Country Sourdough, which is likely to sell out early on Saturday mornings. It includes T85 Trailblazer and Gazelle Rye from Cairnspring Mills (IG). People often have good things to say about the Cardamom Buns, [available at Walnut Street Coffee, while supplies last], which are a combination of a cinnamon roll and a Swedish breakfast pastry called Kanelbullar [Welcome Magazine, fall/winter 2020]."

Exciting news, bread-heads!: O'Neill hopes to soon complete the build-out on his first brick ‘n mortar store across the street, a dream realized — for all of us. 

Edmonds is coffee central for every kind of people: java junkies, artists and poets, bohemians, beatniks and intellectuals plotting their next take-over, people watchers, and moms with kids just looking for a pick-me-up and five minutes to themselves.

Edmonds Bakery on 418 Main St. remains a 1927 classic, and local hangout, preparing homemade childhood favorites with loving care, desserts you’ll not often see in chains or malls. 

Ever try to find a gingerbread man around the bustling holidays? Edmonds Bakery (Facebook) does them perfectly, full of spicy goodness and soft as a cloud. 

Other noteworthy sweets: blueberry donuts, cute, quirky cookies, European pastries, and special occasion cakes. Show up at the right time, and you may see longtime owner/baker Ken Bellingham behind the counter, pointing you to a recent batch of emoticon cookies hot out of the oven.

Just down the street sits family-owned and operated Café Louvre. The full-service, 60-seat coffee house opened in January 2013, where Tully’s used to be on 5th Ave. S. Besides frothy, silky latte with your Swiss cheese croissant, you can also sit back and enjoy free Open Mic Nite Wednesdays for writers, live music, local artists’ works displayed on their walls, and monthly drink specials. Be sure to sample their rich espresso drinks, made with Italian style, Umbria-roasted coffee beans.

The Café Louvre staff serving the goodies behind the counter are as kind and personable as can be, enhancing the homey, yet far-flung Parisian vibe. It's really the next-best thing to being there by the Seine and the Eiffel Tower. 

Anyone who’s anyone makes a point to visit Pam and Steve Stuller’s Walnut Street Coffee, down a few blocks from the Main Street Fountain. The converted garage-turned-boutique-coffee-shop on 410 Walnut Street hosts artists and their works, participates in worthy causes, and serves a mean cup of Espresso Vivace, with assorted accompaniments for the health-conscious and the regulars. And there are plenty of regulars here eager to sop up the vibrant atmosphere set by the owners and their rock star baristas. Walnut Street Coffee (IG) curates only the best, most sustainable local artisans for their baked goods.

Local artisan suppliers include Mighty-O Donuts, Macrina Bakery, Salmonberry Goods, Flying Apron, Rila Bakery and Cafe, The Cottage, Community Bakery, Dancing Women Meals, and Sunrise Tacos. They also have the coolest merch. Walnut Street Coffee’s brightened up Edmonds’ day since 2006.

Mel and Mia’s Unique Pastries and Fine Coffees in Perrinville does grand desserts, high teas, and catering of those special occasions — a sweet, sweet deal. But their breakfasts, especially the frittata and biscuit sandwiches, are sublime. The roast potatoes alone are worth the trip. The bakery name — Mel and Mia’s — is inspired by owners Bill and Rebecca Pennington’s daughters Melanie and Amelia. 

The couple has been happily feeding the Lynnwood and Edmonds communities since 2017, with the aim of fostering a space “that we would want to bring our children to for a treat, dessert should be the most special meal of the day [About Us, website].” 

With a menu including scones, French macarons, pot de crème, cinnamon bâtonnets, mascarpone crepes, strawberry shortcake, chocolate fondue, and zeppole, Italian donuts...you're bound to say, Mission accomplished.

Caffe Ladro may be a 1994 Seattle chain (with 16 cafes to date), but it’s far from sterile or stodgy. The one in Edmonds’ Five Corners (8403 Main St.) — Bar Dojo’s across the roundabout — affords a quickie getaway for those simply looking for a little downtime, and some real, good mainstream, mainline coffee. Take advantage of preorder pickup/drive-thru/delivery with some popular choices, starting with Caffe Ladro’s ethically-sourced, locally-roasted (in Queen Anne) coffee, vanilla lattes, craft teas, irresistible cookies (birthday cake, chocolate chip), cardamom swirl bread, chili jack scone, and plenty of vegan options. 

Voted best coffee shop in 2020 by Seattle Magazine readers. As one Google reviewer said, this is where “speed of service meets quality, locally-roasted coffee.” He said it all. 

Check with Caffe Ladro directly about hours and indoor/outdoor seating.

The bakery display case/menu at 85°C Bakery Café (22611 76th Ave. W., Unit 100) showcases breads, cakes, pastries, and drinks of a slightly exotic nature, a little Danish, a little French, a little Japanese, a little Wow. Here, you can drool over iced boba milk tea and sea salt Americano, Boroh Cream Danish, cheese dogs, choco buns, Japanese-style brioche bread, jumbo guava cheese strudel, and so much more. 

Cheng-Hsueh Wu founded the Taiwanese chain after enjoying himself at a five-star hotel café in 2003. He found himself dreaming of a more affordable, more accessible five-star bakery for all, not just the precious few. He opened his first U.S. location in Irvine, Calif. in 2008, and soon, bakeries began sprouting up all over the world, with over 1,000 locations today. 

Celebrated by the Travel Channel, NPR, Time Magazine, and CNN, word quickly spread. Now, everyone’s a fan. Come get yours.