Managed by the Port of Edmonds, the Edmonds Marina offers a ton of activities and attractions (including art like sea lion statues and totem poles!), turning what you may have intended to be a few-hour visit into many return adventures. Let this be your warning: Plan several hours to enjoy the marina. It’s time to explore it, and we’d never want to rush you. 

Boat Sling at Edmonds MarinaThe Edmonds Marina: A Boater's Haven

For boat owners, the Edmonds Marina provides a secure and convenient home for their vessels. You can count over 650 moorage slips that accommodate a range of boat sizes, from 24-foot fishing boats to 60-foot yachts. You’ll see everything from sailboats to tiny, single-prop motor boats at the marina. Expect to find facilities including showers, restrooms, a fuel dock, and a dedicated boat launch for anyone who prefers to trailer their watercraft. 

Something to note about the Edmonds boat launch is it is proudly one of the few public sling launches on Puget Sound, and a sight to see in its own right. Highly trained Port staff launch 10’ to 26’ boats directly from the trailer without having to back any equipment into saltwater. Get all the details here, and note: You could spend all day watching boats get lifted in and out of the water. 

No boat? No problem!  Charter a boat and explore the wonders of the water around you, or take a stroll along the docks to admire the impressive array of vessels. The Edmonds Marina website has boatloads (see what we did there?) of information and resources for boaters and aspiring boat owners alike.

Fishing on Edmonds Fishing Pier with ferry A Note On The Edmonds Pier

Not only is the Edmonds Pier the star of many Edmonds advertisements, but it’s also the scene of lots of days spent fishing! Squid jigging is a popular Pier activity, as are fishing and crabbing. Walk the boardwalk, admire the ferry’s comings and goings, chat with a fisherperson, or bring your tackle box and try your hand at reeling in a big one. The Pier leads to the Marina and deserves exploration, too. 

While You’re Out, Enjoy Marina Beach Park

Adjacent to the busy marina lies the idyllic Marina Beach Park, a place to play and laze. Hang out in a beach chair, read a book, write in a journal, search for sea glass, and listen to the waves against the shore. Families can build sandcastle masterpieces or participate in beach volleyball tournaments. The more adventurous among us can rent a kayak and go out for a paddle or enjoy a cold plunge. 

Wildlife enthusiasts, keep your eyes peeled for playful seals basking on nearby rocks, bald eagles soaring overhead, and sea lions playing in the distance. If you’re lucky, you may even see a whale! 

All Aboard Your Next Whale Watching Adventure

Okay, if your bucket list includes an Edmonds whale sighting, the Edmonds Marina serves as a launching point for some of the most thrilling whale-watching tours in the Pacific Northwest, including grey and orca whales, depending on the season. Imagine the awe-inspiring sight of a pod of orcas breaching the water, their sleek black bodies glistening in the sunlight. Whale-watching tours on Puget Sound Express typically depart from the marina during the spring and summer months when these gorgeous water mammals migrate through the Salish Sea.  

Musicians playing a concert at Port of Edmonds Sea NotesThe Marina’s Alive…With The Sound of Music

If you’re visiting Edmonds in the summer, check out the Edmonds Marina's concert series, cleverly coined Sea Notes. Enjoy casual seaside music performances all summer long from the comfort of your beach chair (you brought it with you to the park earlier, remember?) and pack a picnic or get takeout from nearby Anthony’s. All concerts are free to attend. 

It’s the perfect setting for a romantic date night, a fun outing with friends, or a memorable family experience under the summer sky. 

Dogs playing at Edmonds Off-Leash Dog ParkBring Your Kids And Your Canines

The Edmonds Marina welcomes visitors of all ages! With a playground that looks like it sprung right out of the sand, and the Olympics on the horizon, you’ll get to enjoy more than just a view of your kiddos swinging on swings. Children come here to unleash their energy on slides, swings, and climbing structures. Parents can relax on nearby benches, take some deep breaths, and take in those views we mentioned. Plus, there’s often a sweet treat truck parked nearby that is a great thing to use as a bribe before bedtime. We’re not encouraging bribes, per se, but the trucks are there often if you’re the bribing type. 

For your furry family members, don’t forget about Off Leash Edmonds, a dedicated leash-free haven where dogs can socialize, play fetch, and explore the exciting scents of a waterfront park. Remember, responsible pet ownership is essential, so keep your eye on your pups and pick up after them!

We’ll See You at The Edmonds Marina

As you can see, The Edmonds Marina, lovingly cared for and maintained by The Port of Edmonds, is more than a simple harbor and boat dock. It's a vibrant waterfront destination teeming with people, pets, and activities. From a bustling beach cafe and life-affirming whale-watching tours to an annual summer concert series and family-friendly fun, the Edmonds Marina is your jumping-off point to so many perfectly PNW adventures. 

We want to see your Edmonds Marina explorations! Tag @exploreedmondswa on Instagram and Facebook to take us along, and check out our posts for more insider tips and inspiring photos.

Photos by Matt Hulbert