Edmonds is a walker’s paradise, offering up plenty of opportunity for a good stretch of the legs and some fresh sea air in the lungs. With a very walkable downtown and 47 different parks and open-space sites — many gifted with wooded trails — walking is a favorite pastime of the locals. 

The best, hidden secret has to be the Edmonds Marine Walkway, a mile-plus, paved path that runs from the Edmonds Marina to the marine sanctuary, dotted with public art sculptures and opportunities to watch birds and wildlife.

So lace up those walking shoes and let’s get started! Head to Marina Beach Park, where dog lovers can let their pooches go off-leash, and driftwood fills the beach. The path parallels the water before crossing a series of bridges and delivering you to the Edmonds Marina. Here the walk is mostly marina views. Stay to the marked path and you’ll find yourself at the fishing pier. From here you can walk the beach or remain on the paved path. Either way, you’ll be hearing the waves lick the shore and watching the ferry coming and going all day long.

Brackett’s Landing South is right next to the ferry landing and, at this point, you can stop and enjoy the comings and goings of the ferry or continue north. On the other side of the ferry (use the crosswalk to get there) is Brackett's Landing South, home of the Marine Sanctuary, where divers bob to the surface after exploring the considerable wild life out of eye from the land lovers. This is a smaller, somewhat rockier beach, and it extends up the shoreline and parallels the railroad tracks. You can walk the beach from there, but be certain you don’t get stranded by high tide! You can check the schedule here.

The Marine Walkway is such a gem for the community. Welcome to Edmonds!