Edmonds sparks the imagination like no other town.

Its seaside location offers up picturesque views of orca whales, bald eagles, and ferries shuttling folks to and from neighboring islands — from almost every colorful angle.

Art lives and thrives here, from the commissioned murals of a time Before Edmonds and A Mother’s Love, Floatlines, and the Salish Sea creatively connecting land, sea, and humankind, nature with nurture…to the framed, sculpted, plated, and adorned lost-and-found objets d’art and lasting treasures in galleries, restaurants, and coffee shops.

City of Edmonds Arts Commission hopes to find local artists to capture this town’s wondrous sense of place however they see fit in Poet’s Perspective, new this year.

Original, previously unpublished, short poetry submissions from Pacific Northwest Puget Sound area writers (youth and adult, established and new) must be turned in by Feb. 24 for a chance to win a $100 honorarium and see their work displayed at two outdoor Edmonds locations for six months, starting in April.

The six winning poems — three per location — will go on display in poster form at installations set up at the new Hwy. 99 City satellite office and just outside the Edmonds Sno-Isle Library, 650 Main St.

Winning poems will also be available for viewing in the city of Edmonds Arts Commission website gallery.

Poems can be written in any language, with accompanying English translations, and must not go over 100 words.

It’s time for Edmonds’ third graders to bust out the crayons and their favorite story books, and add their imaginative visuals to the artistic process.

The people behind Edmonds Arts Commission and Friends of the Edmonds Library recently put out the call for third grade students in the area to flex their inner Da Vinci for the annual “The Best Book I Ever Read” poster exhibit.

The fun exhibit, in existence since 1997, encourages literacy and visual art at a young age.

Third graders can draw whatever sparks their fancy, based on their favorite books or characters. Edmonds Sno-Isle Library has a handy list of recommended children’s books for the undecided. The list includes “The California Wildfires, 2018” by Lauren Tarshis, “The Secret Zoo” by Bryan Chick, and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s” “The Deep End” by Jeff Kinney.

Deadline to submit posters is March 31.

Posters go on display virtually for a month. Depending on Covid protocol changes, there may even be an in-person viewing gallery in a safe location, with an announcement closer to April, just to be sure.

Everyone gets a shot at winning one of 20 $10 gift certificates to Edmonds Bookshop in a raffle. Raffle winners will be contacted by April 8.

Feature photo: A selection of posters from last year's “Best Book I Ever Read.”