As a proud Pacific Northwesterner (or eager visitor—welcome!), you have your priorities straight: Coffee. 

Full stop.

(That’s what the kids say, right? Are we using it correctly? Do we care? Questions for another day.) 

Coffee is your day’s first thing. You may brew at home and grab a second cup later. You may walk the dogs to visit your favorite barista every morning. Your people may know not to talk to you until you’ve been properly caffeinated. You may be on the hunt for somewhere new to hang out and take meetings. 

Then, stick around, roasted bean fan. You’re in the right place. 

Our focus in this article is on coffee spots where you can sit and linger. Some have great views. All are staffed by great people. We won’t be covering drive-throughs, although there are several around that are great (A Brewed Awakening at 5 Corners comes to mind). There is also, as of this writing, at least one on the way (Stillhouse Coffee has entered the Main Street Commons group chat). Regardless of how you take your cuppa, there is a coffee spot for you in Edmonds. 

Keep reading to discover an old favorite or a new haunt. Maybe you’ll even try a new drink, too!

Edmonds Coffee Shops and Cafes

We arranged our Edmonds coffee shops by neighborhood and alphabetically within them. Some have a few more than others, but that doesn’t mean you should skip over the areas with fewer. If you took the Edmonds/Kingston exit off of 1-5 North, start your day at Jaiiya and go from there. 



Jaiiya Cafe offers coffee, food, cold-press juices, superfood smoothies, and acai bowls in a cute newer mixed commercial and residential area of Westgate Village. We’re not saying you should move into one of the condos above the shop, but you may want to after you’ve visited. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Try their Dalgona (Korean whipped iced coffee over your choice of milk) or a Blue Magik smoothie. Kids will be especially impressed with the latter’s vibrant shade of blue!


Right inside the Edmonds Waterfront Center, Shore Pine serves delicious cups of just about everything. And, you may just see a ferry printed on your to-go vessel. Perfect for a drip you doctor yourself or their eponymous latte, this little shop offers some of the best ferry views around all of Edmonds. May we suggest ordering at the to-go window before grabbing a friend or loved one for a sea glass search on the beach? 

No stranger to a rushing ferry rider, Top Pot has a drive-through window for those in a hurry. It also has a small outdoor patio where sippers (and donut-eaters) can sit and chat while watching the trains go by. Their famous Ovaltine Latte always makes us smile as do the cocoas for kids. 

Steps from the ferry landing, Waterfront Coffee Company is a favorite of dog owners and coffee snobs alike. The shop allows service dogs inside and even hangs their photos on the wall! Go in often to ask about their ever-changing drink specials, and don’t forget to stop in for their ice cream offerings come summer. 


If you’re in the mood for Italian beans, head to Cafe Louvre downtown. They may parler Francais, but they brew Italian, as it were, and sometimes we just need a little more Europe in our lives, mais non? Add a freshly baked pastry from Macrina Bakery to your order and pull up a chair to enjoy a lovely experience, especially if you get to admire the teacup collection inside or the statue on the shop’s outdoor patio. 

Further embed yourself in la dolce vita at Il Viale Espresso Bar. Whether you sit inside, outside, or order at the to-go window, you will taste a little bit of Italy just by being near this new espresso bar on 5th. While their focus is on gorgeously European espressos presented in cute glassware, they even offer specials like their Black Hole Sun Golden Milk, a bright ginger turmeric immunity booster. 

The Red Twig is right in the heart of downtown Edmonds and often boasts a line out of its front door, especially on Farmer’s Market Saturdays. We can assure you it’s well worth the wait. There is a ton to try here. Their Chai lattes and fluffy cinnamon rolls are always a hit. Plus, they roast their beans in-house!

Starbucks is a classic go-to for a reason. Mobile ordering, that familiar first sip, and friendly baristas. We have a few in Edmonds, most notably on the corner of 5th and Main, right by the fountain. Caramel Macchiato, anyone? 

A community hub since 2006, Walnut Street Coffee is more than a coffee shop. It’s witnessed whole generations grow up, opened its garage door countless times to let in the Salish Sea’s salty breeze, and hosted many pop-ups with local organizations. You may have even adopted your pup from The Haus of Dogs, coffee cup in hand! With ever-changing (and tasty) specials, plus no added charges for alternative milks, it’s no wonder Walnut is the first stop for so many.

5 Corners

We love a coffee shop with stress-free parking because the last thing we need when we’re undercaffeinated is road rage. Caffe Ladro to the rescue! With ample indoor seating and outside Adirondack chairs, Ladro gives you sitting and sipping options, too. Order your go-to from the drive-thru if you must, and throw on a bag of beans while you’re there. May we suggest the cappuccino? 


An Edmonds staple since 206, Bistro 76 is not only a great place for a big breakfast but also for a cup of coffee on the patio. They have a full espresso bar, so don’t be afraid to order your favorite drink—in special syrup and milk detail. 

Pour yourself a cup of drip while you wait in the very efficient and very worth-it bread line at The Cottage Bakery right across the road. 

The perfect place for a tea party or a cup of your favorite espresso with a side of handmade cake, Mel & Mia’s is a welcome gem in the Perrinville neighborhood. Stop in on your way to or from Lynnwood, or plan a date with one of your favorite people! 

Highway 99

If you’re drooling hearing phrases like Sea Salt Caramel Coffee and Brown Sugar Oat Latte, get on over to 85C Bakery Cafe to order yours with a box of your favorite Korean pastries. No rush. We’ll wait. 

At Our Place Dessert Cafe, the drinks and sweet foodstuffs are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Probably the most Instagrammable place on our list, this gem feels like a warm hug whose embrace you can’t wait to get back inside. Go classic with a pretty Americano or adventurous with a Blue Latte or Einspänner (a German hot espresso topped with cool whipped cream). Either way, there’s always more to explore—and savor…and photograph—at Our Place. 

Woods Coffee offers a large space where you’ll see many cups and laptops out on tables. Order your favorite drink and a scratch-made pastry or slice of avocado toast. Even if you’re coming through the drive-thru, you may just feel like you’ve entered your favorite log cabin. 

Did You Discover Your New Edmonds Coffee Spot?

Read through the whole list and still can’t decide? Great! Come back and see us so you can further your research. And, if you’re active on the socials, show us where you go: Tag @exploreedmondswa on Instagram and Facebook so we can tag along with double taps and lots of love for you and your adventures. 

Photos by Matt Hulbert