A Soul-led Life Women’s Empowerment Soiree: Step into your divine purpose and participate in an engaging panel discussion featuring local women entrepreneurs sharing their stories about how with a lot of intuition, a little business savvy, divine purpose & timing, you too can align your life with your soul purpose. This will be an inspiring and interactive event with activities, refreshments, appetizers, goodie bags and a panelist discussion with three women who fully embody what it means to live a soul-led life with divine purpose. Come join us to celebrate women empowering each other to live from the soul and with intention in our careers, family life, and communities.   Your Hosts: Divine Pearl Collective Founded by Jenny Lazo and Zionna Yarbrough in November 2022, with the goal of providing business and marketing guidance to holistic wellness small businesses and spiritual entrepreneurs, while developing a sacred community for light workers and light seekers. Our mission is to be an authentic, heart-led, soul guided community connecting spiritual advocates, while providing paths for collaboration, networking, growth and training opportunities via events, retreats, and workshops.

Meet The Keynote Speakers

Mo Smith: I Love It When, LLC

Coaching, Speaker and Podcast Host - Mo embodies living from the soul and aligning divine purpose with business. Shifting from a prosperous career in real estate admin to entrepreneurship, coaching, podcasting and retreat facilitation. Mo's mission is to help humans step into the authentic leaders that they are by providing impactful experiences to facilitate self-discovery, motivation and growth.

Stefanie Harris: Spacious Heart Coaching & Consulting

Inner Alignment and Mindfulness Coach - Stefanie is the ultimate story of redefining what success means. She shifted gears from a high-powered career in tech and digital retail to helping others on the path to heal childhood trauma and live from the soul and in alignment with one's self. Her mission is to help others shift from Burnout to Bliss!

Brandi Edinger: Wise Women & Empowered Healers

Clarity Activator and Transformational Maven - Brandi is founder of Glimmer Academy and is a mentor, coach, teacher and healer. She has dedicated her life to help people activate their power, clarity and gifts. Her mission is to help people connect with their clarity and the wisdom of the Creative Divine Mind, and to lead other women to truly stand in their power and align with their unique purpose.