Individuals living with memory loss and caregivers are invited to participate in this FREE intergenerational program, in partnership with the University of Washington Bothell (UWB) and SilverKite Community Arts! Taking place over six one-hour sessions on the phone and/or Zoom, UWB students will interview elders in an oral history project. These interviews — based on your stories, memories, and personal experiences — will inspire end-of-term performances by students, to be shared virtually during a final celebration of all participants.

Storytelling across Generations is designed for pairs of participants including a person living with memory loss and caregiver/care partner. We welcome adults at all stages of their dementia journey, though this program will be most accessible and engaging for those with early stage memory loss (ESML). Join us!

A guiding principle of ECA’s Dementia-Inclusive Series is that everyone has something to contribute. ECA’s 2019 pilot of this program, called Making Art Together, invited UWB freshmen, people with dementia and caregivers to explore the theme of “beginnings” through spoken word. During the project, elders gave advice to students embarking on their 1st year in university. One caregiver shared: “It was very meaningful for [my sister] and really did raise her self-esteem. To feel that she was still able to communicate and make a difference in people's lives was powerful.”

At ECA, we are committed to creating experiences that empower people with memory loss. In these moments, we see impact does not move in only one direction: our entire community benefits when people with dementia are given space to share their creativity and individual perspectives.