Edmonds is a popular summer destination, and with good reason! Beaches, boutiques, activities, world-class eateries, and entertainment are all contained within the city’s borders. It really is a choose-your-own-adventure by the shores of the Salish Sea—and beyond. 

There’s a lot going on in town this summer and we could create infinity itineraries for you to explore it all. In the interest of everyone’s time, though, we’ll give you two: One for a weekday and one for a weekend day. We recommend both, of course, but the intention behind breaking them up is planning beach time on a weekday gives you more of the beach to yourself. And who can say no to a large swath of sand just for you?
Not us.

Let’s begin with how we’d spend the perfect Edmonds kind of summer weekday. 

Waldo in a shop in EdmondsAn Edmonds Kind of Summer Weekday

Edmonds on a summer weekday is particularly dreamy. If you want to feel like a local, this is your chance to experience the city the way locals do—long chats with shop owners, an afternoon movie in a 100-year-old theater (or an outdoor movie!), wide open beaches, and sea lions lazing on the Marina’s fuel dock. 

Here’s how we’d go about it:

  • Morning: A perk-you-up drink on the rocks from Jaiiya Cafe, Il Viale, or Shore Pine on your way to the beach. Stroll the Edmonds Marsh if you’re feeling like you want to keep the walk going. If you’re reading this in July, you can start looking for Waldo around town, too

  • Mid-morning: A walk and exploration along the beach, Brackett’s Landing, and the Edmonds Marina. If you have a dog, take Fido to Off Leash Edmonds, which has its own dog-friendly stretch of Marina Beach. If you have (a) kid(s), check out the Hazel Miller Spray Park, open 10am-8pm Memorial Day through Labor Day

  • Lunch: For lunch with a view nearby, try Anthony’s or Arnie’s. Interested in a locally-brewed cold one? Head to the Salish Sea Boathouse across the train tracks (open for lunch on Fridays). If the thought of Thai food has your mouth watering, ask for a table at the always-wonderful Thai By Day at Salish Crossing 

  • Afternoon: Explore the shops at Salish Crossing, including the exceptionally cute Vie & Vin. Pop into Cascadia Art Museum and check out the current exhibition. Then, head up Main Street to peruse more shops, meet their owners, and browse artist-owned galleries. When you take a self-guided tour like this, you’ll have a better shot at face time with the people behind each small business. You can’t go wrong no matter where you go. Spa time more your style? Check out 212 Med Spa for fun treatments like contrast therapy (cold plunge and sauna!)

  • Evening: You’ve probably worked up your appetite again. We’ll talk about some Downtown Edmonds restaurants in the Weekend section. During the week, though, here are some of our go-tos up Main Street on your way to the International District (which we highly recommend eating through, too—here is our guide to delicious eats along Highway 99): Five Corners Teriyaki, Bar Dojo, Casa Oaxaca, and Noodle Hut (a favorite of the late Anthony Bourdain) 

  • Dessert: We wrote a guide to our favorites around town that’s a little holiday-centric but still applies, and must underscore our recommendation for anything at Our Place Dessert Cafe (open until 10pm). If you want an alternative, consider Canarino Gelato Caffé for a taste of Italy

three women eating and drinking on the Demetri's deck in EdmondsAn Edmonds Kind of Summer Weekend

Okay, you’ve spent a perfect summer weekday in Edmonds, and now it’s time to check us out on an admittedly busier weekend. 

Here’s how we’d tackle it on a Saturday:

  • Morning: Head to the Edmonds Historical Museum Summer Market as soon as it opens at 9am. Take your time grabbing pastries, coffee (we love Westin Coffee, usually at the top of Bell), produce, and more from the ninety vendors who set up shop there

  • Mid-morning: Tour the Downtown shops and galleries 

  • Lunch: While there are many wonderful Downtown Edmonds restaurants open for lunch (Santa Fe, The Market, and Leftcraft are just a few), if you want to get a bit off the beaten path, walk up 5th to Barkada and order one of their Filipino-Hawaiian mixed plates with a slushie

  • Afternoon: Since you’re all fueled up from lunch, take a tour of public art you can find only in Edmonds following this online map. You could spend a whole day doing this activity alone! While you’re out, stop to listen to one of the many summer concerts happening in our parks. Learn more about those here. Or take in a show at our 100-year-old movie theater right on Main Street!

  • Evening: Pull up a chair at Demetris, Calypso, or Kahlo’s Cantina near the ferry for views and a lively atmosphere. If you were feeling really adventurous, you could walk on to the ferry just to enjoy the crossing, grab an ice cream cone (or pizza from Sourdough Willy’s) and ride the next ferry right back to where you were

  • Dessert: Try a rotating seasonal flavor from Revelations’s Yogurt or Molly Moon’s, right across the street from each other! Drinks more your style? Clink glasses at The Loft or Kelnero. Cheers to another beautiful day in Edmonds!

A Few Key Summer Dates:

  • June 27-30: Edmonds Driftwood Players Festival of Shorts

  • July 1-July 30: Find Waldo

  • July 4: An Edmonds Kind of 4th

  • July 6: Edmonds Summer Wine Walk

  • July 7-August 18: Sunday Summer Concerts, City Park

  • July 9 - August 27: Tuesday/Thursday Summer Concerts, Hazel Miller Plaza

  • July 12: Outdoor Movie at Frances Anderson Center

  • July 18: Art Walk Edmonds

  • July 19: Outdoor Movie at Seaview Park

  • July 19-21: Sketcher Fest Edmonds

  • July 26: Outdoor Movie at Civic Center Playfields

  • August 2: Outdoor Movie at Hickman Park

  • August 3: Edmonds Summer Wine Walk

  • August 9-11: Taste Edmonds

  • August 15: Art Walk Edmonds

  • August 25: Sunday Summer Concert, Hickman Park

Check out all upcoming Edmonds events here  and use the above dates to start planning your adventures!

Summer Pro Tips

  • Don’t forget your SPF (and if you do, several places in town like Ace Hardware, PCC, and Slate Salon + Spa sell it)

  • Parking can get tricky, especially on the weekends. There is free street parking for three hours and several paid lots around town, especially Downtown. Consult this map for the latest options Downtown, and consider some of your other transportation options (the Sounder comes through!). 

  • There are a few public restrooms around Downtown and the waterfront, including at Brackett’s Landing and on 5th & Bell by City Hall 

  • Dogs are welcome in many places, including at the Farmers Market, but not on the beach

  • Bring a beach bag and a change of clothes if you plan to get wet—and even if you don’t

How Will You Summer In Edmonds?

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Photos by Matt Hulbert