From a small menu packed with flavor to an offering so big you'll wish there were two of you to indulge. Three locations in Edmonds are stand-outs if it's dim sum that you're craving.

Dumpling Generation in the E.C. Plaza doesn't look like much, but the flavor-packed menu of fried rice, cold spicy noodles, and of course, steamed juicy dumplings, will make you swoon. Order a bunch of different dishes for sharing, and be sure to request extra chili oil dipping sauce. It's not just for the fried rice. 

Fashion Dim Sum’s soup dumplings just might make you forget that big chain with the big lines. This place on 22923 Hwy. 99 draws its own long lines, just for the hand-made dumplings: cute little piggy pork buns, egg custard sesame balls, golden cakes, egg rolls, taro shrimp cake, seafood siu mai, deep-fried Chinese donuts… 

The menu may be small, but it’s packed with punchy flavors.

You go to T&T Seafood Restaurant on 22511 Hwy. 99, #103, for a weekend blowout. What diet? The menu’s so big, there are two of them to peruse, one for dim sum (49 items) and the regular one for main dishes (a whopping 126)…sizzling sea bass, Peking Duck, live tilapia, dry scallop with shredded chicken soup, abalone hot pot, clam with black bean sauce, prawns with snow peas, deep-fried lemon chicken, sizzling filet mignon with black pepper, beef chow fun, Singapore style vermicelli.