You probably have a nostalgic story about a life-affirming soup: Your dad’s ground beef and garden veggie, a kind neighbor’s homemade chicken noodle, your babushka’s bone-sticking Borscht, or even the Cup Noodles that got you through college. 

Soup is one of those universal things—widely appreciated and deep in variety. The more you think about it, the more you probably realize you have all sorts of soup stories. 

And you’re about to add several more. 

Grab a spoon and get ready to dip into the Edmonds soup scene with us—we definitely have one, and it’s delicious. 

Disclaimer: Since this is a heated (pun intended) topic, we’re covering as many of our favorite bowls around town as we can, but we can’t possibly cover them all. In many ways, this is a good thing since it shows how much we all have to explore. We encourage you to go out, slurp around the city, and share your picks on Facebook and Instagram. Tag us and we’ll share on our stories! 

Now, back to the soupy stuff. 


Bring On The Broth

Traditional Korean Beef Soup’s Yangji has flank meats that cook in an umami broth. It’s comforting no matter how you’re feeling or what the weather is doing, and it’s a great entry if you’re less familiar with Korean fare. For the more adventurous eaters among us, go for the Seokeo, which has tripe, flank meats, and tendon.

Furi will whet your pre-meal whistle with its Chinese Hot and Sour and Egg Flower soups. Interested in activating your digestive juices with a cup of miso? SanKai has you covered there. 

For a hearty bowl of Minestrone, head to Bucatini where the broth is homemade just like Nona’s.

Short on time and staying close to the ferry? Thai By Day will fill your belly—to go, if you need—with their Tom Yum, Tom Kha, or Tonkotsu Broth. 

Yua Ramen

Noodles on Noodles

Love pho? Who doesn’t?! If you’ve been going to Yeh Yeh’s for their banh mi sandwiches, add pho to your next order. Or, make your meal even heartier with a bowl of their Hu Tieu Bo Kho (Vietnamese Beef Stew). 

If wontons are calling you, order a steaming-hot bowl of Harvest Wonton Noodle’s signature Wonton Noodle Soup and keep your eye on their Instagram page for delicious seasonal specials always thoughtfully prepared. 

If you heard Anthony Bourdain used to visit Noodle Hut at 5 Corners when he visited Seattle, you probably heard right. You’ll feel like the most discerning foodie of them all when you choose from their menu featuring House Noodle Soup (pork balls, Chinese broccoli, bean sprout, scallion, and cilantro in a pork-based broth), their spin on soulful Chicken Noodle, and Old Fashioned Tom Yum Noodle Soup.   

And, sometimes, what your system really needs is a big bowl of Spicy Ramen. Find that (and more) at Yua Ramen on Highway 99.

Chunky Chowders

The Clam Chowder Bread Bowl or Lobster Bisque from The Market don’t scrimp on sea-meaty chunks. Want the best of both worlds? Order a bowl of Salt & Iron’s seafood chowder that sets the sea treats bar high with salmon, scallop, halibut, clams, and octopus. Your nervous system need to see the ferry to feel secure? Demitris Woodstone Taverna has chowder in a bread bowl, too. 

Veggie-Forward Crowd-Pleasers

Only the gluten and dairy intolerant among us can say no to a grilled cheese and tomato soup combo, and we know from knowing many of them that they definitely don’t want to. Whether you go sandwich or sans (for what it’s worth, gluten-free and vegetarian options are available), Vinbero has a rich tomato soup you’ll be thinking about long after your meal is over. 

We also have it on good authority the forthcoming Ristorante Machiavelli in Chanterelle’s space will have the latter’s popular tomato bisque on its Edmonds menu. 

Looking for lentils? In addition to the soups you’d expect from Casa Oaxaca (Chicken Tortilla Soup, for example), this cozy restaurant also has a Lentil Soup that you can enjoy with or without flavor-rich chorizo. 

You can always look to Maize & Barley downtown for veggie-forward options, especially on their Specials menu. As of this writing, they’re offering an Alborcore Sancocho, a Latin-inspired savory fish stew with Westport line caught albacore, tomato, and root veggies. 

Anthony's HomePort

Worth Slurping

The Coconut Red Curry from Bar Dojo is less curry and more soupy, so we couldn’t leave it out. In Chef Luis’s true fusion form, he put unexpected flavors together and made them pop: ground chicken breast, white shrimp, rice noodles, coconut red curry broth, and tempura delicata squash. Watch out for his seasonal ramens, too. 

For a downtown homemade broth option, try Santa Fe Mexican Grill & Cantina’s Tortilla Soup and don’t worry if someone catches you drinking right from the bowl. On the go? See what’s in the rotating soup bar in PCC’s deli.

And, a PNW soups roundup wouldn’t be complete without a local Cioppino. For a great bowl with great views, order at Anthony’s HomePort, and clink spoons with your date before digging in—we have a strong sense you have lots to celebrate, not least of which is exploring one of the best brothy scenes around. 

Warm in hearts and bellies—that’s what we like to see our soups do to you. Don’t forget to show us where you’re eating. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram so we can keep up on your eating adventures around the city.

Photos by Matt Hulbert