Updated April 1, 2023

Speaking up for racial justice everywhere is on all of us. But if you are in the mood for a little take-out, then supporting a local ethnic restaurant is a good start to supporting your neighbors. 

It’s a sad fact that members of the Asian community have been discriminated against after the COVID-19 pandemic originated in China. In Edmonds, the Diversity Commission noted that “there is deep work that needs to happen within families, communities, and government to root out systemic injustice and inequity.”

Black-owned Ezell's Famous Fried Chicken is cooking up delicious fried chicken, sides and desserts from scratch.

Edmonds has been blessed with an incredible diversity of restaurants, and the diversity among our Asian restaurants is a dim sum of options for the palate.

Chee Wong, former owner of the Waterfront Coffee Co., opened Jaiiya, a healthful café with fresh-pressed juices and global, café-style treats that will fuel your body for the day.

Be sure to set aside some time exploring the International District on Highway 99. Eater Magazine of Seattle featured the "12 Essential Asian Restaurants of Edmonds," all but one of them on Highway 99. These were “destinations for noodles, hot pot, dim sum, Korean fried chicken, and much more.”

The Dumpling Generation in Lake Forest Park is so popular they’ve opened locations elsewhere, including Edmonds, doling out tons of homemade noodles and dumplings, with organic fillings. 

Go to Edmonds Way in Westgate, and meet Steven Ono at Ono Poke, where he is serving authentic Hawaiian poke by the bowlful. And if you’re lucky, you’ll meet his Auntie who drives over from Spokane to help him out from time to time. 

Ono exemplifies the best of Edmonds' community spirit — neighbor helping neighbor, supporting other local restaurants, and giving back at every turn. And the poke is awe-mazing!

There are a great many Thai restaurants in Edmonds, including in Edmonds’ Westgate district, where Pok Pok Thai Kitchen— a hidden gem in a strip mall — does not disappoint. Head to Thai by Day near the waterfront, where Thai-Japanese food is served fast — good news when you are hungry after a dive at Edmonds Underwater Dive Park or after a long walk on the beach!

Downtown, the diversity of ethnic cuisine only increases. Head up to Main Street, where the Edmonds Downtown Alliance (Ed!) can point you to a lot of enjoyable, innovative eateries. 

A Very Taki Tiki Bar is a family-friendly, fun, Hawaiian-surfer-themed sports bar and grill — with or without kids. Toshi’s Teriyaki Grill in downtown Edmonds originated in Seattle and has been featured by the Travel Channel, Eater, Thrillist, New York Magazine, Roadfood, and more. Maize & Barley is also minority-owned and serves Caribbean- and Latin-inspired bites out of its counter service tap house.

If you think you know where you’re going to lunch after this...just wait. Oh yes, there’s more. You’re still downtown, where the salty sea air from the nearby waterfront is intoxicating, leading you astray, thinking, “fish would be good.” Yes. Yes, it would. 

The Mar•ket Fishmonger and Eatery supports local vendors, and sells seafood by the pound or from their chef-driven menu that will have you coming back for more as soon as you possibly can. Stop in for seasonal soups, Singaporean Crab in a Bag, sushi bowls, lobster rolls, and those incredible fish tacos. 

The restaurant is the brainchild of the Feedme Hospitality & Restaurant Group, which also owns Bar Dojo in Five Corners, serving Chino-Latino cuisine, and SanKai Sushi, another downtown establishment, among their Asian-fare-leaning restaurants. 

The group’s co-owner Shubert Ho has “almost single-handedly” uplifted the restaurant industry. “They’ve certainly made quite a difference in Edmonds, building up a foodie haven L.A. would envy,” according to an article written by Carol Banks Weber in Welcome Magazine's fall/winter 2019 issue.