The Edmonds International District is a food-lover’s paradise, and many of the best meals you didn’t know you were missing are dotted along Highway 99. So, take yourself on a driving tour and knock them out one by one because we’ve rounded up twenty spots bound to get your mouth watering before you even walk through the door.

We’ve compiled the list by type of cuisine, and know we’ve barely scratched the surface of how much incredible food you’re about to uncover. So, put on your stretchy pants and get comfortable—we’re about to eat.  


Harvest Wonton Noodle, a family-owned Hong Kong-style cafe, makes Spicy Dumplings that have quickly become customer favorites. While you’re there, order a set of their deep-fried curry wontons, too. 

If you’re in the mood for dim sum, check out our Edmonds Kind of Dim Sum Guide. Fashion Dim Sum, whose Piggy Buns have graced the cover of Seattle magazine’s annual food issue a few years ago, is a popular go-to. And Dumpling Generation, tucked a bit out of view from Highway 99, always delivers on fresh, delicious dumplings.   

Wonton Noodle House is unfussy, wide-open, and packed with tables ready to be filled with steamy soups, congee, chow fun, and deep-fried buns. Large portions, reasonable prices, and food you’ll be thinking about days later. Add this one to the top of your list!  


Kazoku, a relative newcomer, is open for lunch, happy hour, dinner, and drinks. Try their Chirashi (fresh sashimi over seasoned sushi rice, served with miso soup), a sushi set, or plan a few hours to enjoy a full Sushi Omakase experience.  

Made from rice flour that gets the dough extra stretchy and composed of a ring of eight dough balls, the mochi donuts at Mochinut are sticky and addicting. Mochinuts are a fusion pastry crossing traditional American-style donuts and Japanese mochi. The shop also makes Korean hot dogs, boba, and soft serve. This place is a big kid-pleaser, so if you’re looking for a place to treat (or bribe, no judgment!) your littles, you’ve found it. 

If you have a hankering for warm umami, head to Yua Ramen and order a steaming bowl of Shoyu or Spicy Ramen, Honey Garlic Karaage, and a side of gyoza. Don’t forget to order your favorite drink (tea, sake, Sapporo) to sip, too.  


Babsarang Deli has earned a reputation for consistently good Korean comfort food. Their kimbap (cooked rice, vegetables, fish, and meat rolled in dried seaweed sheets—similar to sushi) is popular. This is a quick-lunch or sit and enjoy go-to for many, inside Boo Han market.  

If you’re looking for the KFC that doesn’t feature a colonel, get yourself over to Chicken Prince. Big, juicy, delicious chicken pieces can be mixed and matched with a whole host of sauces. And guess what? They also have karaoke. Sounds like we just planned your next date night. 

Killing a cold or generally warming up from the inside out is easy at Hosoonyi Korean Restaurant. Try their Soft Tofu Soup, Gal-bi-Taang (beef short rib stew), or one of many Korean barbeque entrees like La-karl-bee (Korean BBQ short ribs, marinated in kalbi sauce). 

Get your pig fix at Kang's Jokbal! Whether you try trotters or pork belly, you’ll get a side of Korean-style pickled radish, shrimp sauce, and Ssamjang (Korean dipping sauce) with either dish. 

Probably the most Instagrammable place on our list, Our Place Dessert Cafe is a marriage of Asian and European tastes (literally). Order an Einspänner (hot espresso topped with cool whipped cream) and a Bingsu (Korean shaved ice with sweet toppings) and settle in for some aesthetic people-watching. 

Traditional Korean Beef Soup is your place for bone-sticking broths. This is where you can add things to your soup like beef tongue, tripe, and even knee cartilage. Don’t forget to order a side of kimchi. 


The term “Rock Salt Cheese Tea” sound enticing to you? Head over to Happy Lemon to try it yourself! Their house-brewed teas include everything from a purple Ube Milk Tea with Taro Ball to a sunset-y and refreshing Grapefruit Jasmine Green Tea. Add on a bubble waffle for something to munch on while you’re there! 

At 85°C Bakery Cafe, you’ll get your fix of breads, cakes, and drinks (sea salt coffees, milk teas, and more). Not sure what to order? Start with one of their mixed box sets!


At Savvy Thai Cuisine you’ll find your favorite Thai comfort foods like Tom Kah soup, six different curries, and even a whole fried trout. Whether you want rice, noodles, or extra spice, you’ll find it at Savvy. 


Try something new at Bambu Dessert Drinks, like their Ché (a colorful Vietnamese fresh coconut and avocado dessert drink served with fruits and house-made jellies) or Yonami (Vietnamese-style, real-fruit yogurt). They also have teas, smoothies, coffees, and snacks. 

Rise & Shine is your place for flavor-balanced Vietnamese sandwiches served on homemade French baguettes. You can also order smoothies and sweet or savory pastries. And, if you’ve been waiting this whole time for somewhere in Edmonds that serves pho, your time is now. 

Are you drooling? We sure are. Show us where you go, and remember: The camera eats first. Tag us in your foodie adventures! We’re @exploreedmondswa on Instagram and Facebook.

Photos by Matt Hulbert