Sometimes, the beauty is in the journey and the destination. That’s never been more true to a place than it is to Edmonds. In this article, we’re talking planes, trains, automobiles, and more, so buckle up and get comfortable for car, boat, train, and plane rides—because Edmonds is fun to get to and from. 

Whether you’re coming to Edmonds or traveling from your favorite city by the Salish Sea, a large handful of wonderful options are available to you. 

Let’s roll! 

By Car

Many people get here by car, for at least part of their travels. Plug your preferred Edmonds destination into your GPS and take the scenic route whenever possible. Edmonds has ample parking, lots of areas for long walks, dog-friendly farmers’ markets, and more. In case you need it, we’re exit 177 off of I-5.

And if you want to come up to Edmonds to buy a car, we’d certainly welcome it. We have dealerships dotting Highway 99, including longtime family-owned Campbell Auto, which sells new and used Nissans, VWs, Kias, and even Caravans for your #vanlife adventures. 

Edmonds FerryBy Boat

Okay, maybe you drove to Edmonds to catch a ride on the ferry over to Kingston, Poulsbo, or the Peninsula. Our ferry, right Downtown Edmonds, is one of the most popular sights in town. It’s also been the source of many multi-hour waits, especially on holiday weekends. But! The wait is always worth it. Besides, you’ll have so much fun exploring Salish Crossing (art to admire at Cascadia Art Museum, curry at Thai By Day, a draft pint at Brigid’s Bottleshop, a yarn haul at Stranded By The Sea, and wine with a side of giftables at Vie & Vin are just a few options), you won’t even think about counting down the minutes. 

You may catch whale sightings from your thirty-ish minute crossing, views of Mount Baker, and—depending on the time of year—fishermen (and women) out trolling for salmon, shrimp, or crab. If you’d prefer to park and walk onto the ferry for a little extra adventure, there’s a U-Park lot located at the corner of Sunset Ave. S. and James St., which has parking ranging from $5.00 to $12.00. There is one lot available with 64 spots including 2 ADA spaces. Check the schedule, live cameras, and get other helpful ferry information here

If you’re coming up for a whale-watching tour, check out Puget Sound Express, which departs right from the Edmonds Marina. And, if you’re interested in captain-ing your own vessel, talk to the Freedom Boat Club team about renting right at the Port of Edmonds. They have 13 locations around the Sound, so you can rent a boat in Seattle and come up to Edmonds that way, too. The options are endless! 

By Train

Whether you’re heading down to Vancouver, WA, or up to Vancouver, BC, you can get to either by train right from Edmonds Station! Not only is the Station itself crazy cute, but it also makes your travels super easy. Check out Amtrak Cascades to peruse schedules and plan your scenic adventure. If you live more locally and are interested in going carless for the day (Edmonds does get busy on the weekends!), hop on a Seattle-area Sound Transit train, which drops you right at Edmonds Station, too.  

(Pssst, this is where many busses drop, too, although depending on where you’re riding to or from, there are several routes and stops around town.)

Paine Field Airport in Everett, WABy Plane

While SEA-TAC is the original and many visitors coming to Edmonds fly into our larger regional airport, we’ve also been absolutely thrilled at the addition of Paine Field in nearby Everett, just about twenty minutes north of Edmonds. Now, you can catch flights to many destinations around the country (California, Arizona, and Nevada are popular during the greyer months—check out all of Paine’s current destinations here). 

At a hangar on the same campus, you’ll find wheeled Kenmore Air planes that you can charter to take you just about anywhere. The only question is: Where do you want to go first? 

Find Wheels, Rails, and Waves In Edmonds

We’ve given you a fair amount of ideas here, so take some time to make a list, mull them over, and start planning your next outing. Try something new and make beautiful memories. We’ll be watching on the socials and sending you lots of virtual hearts. Tag us @exploreedmondswa to take us along. 

From here, you really can go anywhere. 

Photos by Matt Hulbert