Mark our words: We have never seen an ugly dog in Edmonds. It is the place to bring your canine cuties: fat, skinny, short, tall, fluffy, wiry, young, and old. All are welcome, and all are not only understood but oohed and ahhed over in our small city by the sea. 

And it’s not that all dogs who come to Edmonds are lookers because of our vanity metrics. It’s more about that sense of comfort and confidence the pups who come here seem to carry with them. They know they are loved here, and so they carry themselves with a certain kind of swagger only pampered pups can. 

Honestly, we’re proud of it. 

Because in our world, pets are people, too. The best kind. So, grab yourself a dog-friendly room at The Best Western Plus Edmonds Harbor Inn and settle in while we expand on some of the reasons pups (and their people) love to visit Edmonds. 

Dog-Friendly Edmonds

Edmonds is dog-friendly through and through. Parade them up and down Sunset Avenue, take them on an in-city hike through Yost Park, gear them up, and learn about the best things to feed them at All The Best next door to PCC or Pet Wants in Perrinville. Let them linger at the water bowls and treat stations that dot our downtown shops. You’ll notice veterinary clinics aplenty and smiling passersby who also have their dogs with them, some enjoying generous licks of their puppuccinos. You’ll see runners and bikers with panting pups trotting alongside them, tongues out, grinning from fluffy ear to fluffy year. You’ll notice wet noses poking out of car windows, actively sniffing the salty air. You’ll find them shopping for fresh produce at the weekly Summer Market

On patios like Dusted Valley’s, Salish Sea Boat House’s, and Maize & Barley’s, you may happen upon them enjoying a light snooze. But one thing is for sure: In Edmonds, you’ll find ears to scratch and bellies to rub everywhere you go. 

Canine Comfort Zones

Everyone’s life looks different, and sometimes you have things to do in Edmonds where it doesn’t make sense to bring your dogs (seeing the latest show at the Edmonds Center for the Arts, perhaps?). Consider dropping the doggos off for a day of play at Blue Collar Doghouse. Not only is this fun facility super close to the marina and ferry dock, but it’s also much more than a daycare. You can bring your dogs and give them a bath yourself, drop them off with a groomer, or invest in ongoing 1:1 private training. 

Tired of working from home, but want to bring your dog to work with you? Workhorse Coworking right downtown is canine-friendly. 

Go Off-Leash

Most of the areas in and around Edmonds are on-leash, and there is one area in particular where dogs run and sniff and explore with ultimate freedom. Enter: Off Leash Area Edmonds. This beachside non-profit was established formally in 2005 following the passion of a local volunteer who teamed up with other dog lovers to create this valuable asset in Edmonds. 

Not only do they throw a can’t-miss annual Howl-O-Ween party, but they also maintain a scenic area in Edmonds where dogs and their people can regularly run free, swim, snack, watch the sun go down, meet new friends, and play.  

Come Here To Add To Your Litter

If you’re feeling pulled to invite a(nother) dog into your life, consider adopting your new best friend from The Haus of Dogs in Firdale Village. Travel a lot or not sure you’re ready to add to your family? The Haus of Dogs is always looking for eager fosters. 

The Haus of Dogs prioritizes saving dogs from kill shelters around the country, mostly from Texas, New Mexico, and other shelters in Washington State. Many businesses around town partner with this wonderful organization to host pop-up adoption events, so be on the lookout for the next opportunity to meet your future pup in person. 

It’s Time To Plan Your Visit

Next time you come to Edmonds, bring Fido along! We’d love to meet your canine companions and show them around the city. Make sure you’re following us on social media (@exploreedmondswa) to see where we’re taking our pups and tag us in your adventures, too.

Photos by Matt Hulbert