From civil engineer to master of the grill, Bao Truong made a mid-career shift three years ago and opened Fat Pig BBQ. His philosophy is simple: Make good food, at good prices and serve it up with a smile. 

He makes good on that promise every day. 

"The Ribs & Chicken plate was, well, amazeballs!" Scott Fraley would like to shout it from the rooftops, but took to a Facebook review as the quickest way to get the word out. 

"Got two St. Louis style ribs and the chicken was a thigh, and man, let me tell you, that sucker was like, Turkey-thigh-sized! Both of the meats were so 'Fallin' off the bone' it was crazy. (Read: DELICIOUS!) Also, the folks who run it are super friendly and stuff. Really can't wait to go back."

It makes Truong's day to know people enjoy his work. That's what prompted him to leave his career in engineering to work 70-80 hours a week to cook up barbecue, often working with his son, Takara Truong. 

"I like to make people happy," he says. 

Customers rave about the fall-off-the-bone meat, the perfect sauce, and the delicious from-scratch cornbread. They also confirm that Bao is delivering on his promise of great prices. 

The pulled pork sandwich is a steal of a deal at less than $5, but you wouldn't be splurging to add $2 to double the meat. 

I feel I'm doing a public service by spreading the word," wrote Alan Biné, jumping on another reviewer's praise. "Bao, the owner, and his nice helpers more than deserve this absolutely honest compliment.
 I don't know what's better about this place, the delicious bbq or the nice owner... you couldn't find a more friendly, generous gentleman than the owner anywhere. Whether you're eating in or taking out to feed just yourself or an entire bunch, this is the spot. Very good bbq that's reasonably priced." 

Fat Pig BBQ could not be making the Perrinville neighborhood happier. If you needed an excuse to try it out, know that this May is National Barbecue Month. Once you try Fat Pig, though, every month will be.