When you come to Edmonds, you’ll want to at least spend the day, and why not spend the day blissed out? We’ve pulled together a short list of some of our favorite spa experiences around town that will make everything you do before or after (strolling, shopping, eating) feel extra zen. Seriously, these places will make you say, “spahhhhh.”

Save this list and know that it is far from comprehensive. We’ll keep you updated on Instagram and Facebook with all the places you need to know in Edmonds that will give you all the R&R you could ask for—and more. 

Now, without much future ado, let’s talk spas. 

Ten Must-Try Edmonds, WA Spa Experiences

In building this list, we considered several things: What you may want out of your experience, whether you care to be touched physically, how much time you have, and how much money you want to spend. With those thoughts top of mind, you’ll see a wide range of spa-like experiences here. The businesses are arranged alphabetically rather than by type of service because several offer a wide range of things you probably need. 

Take your pick and then pick again. Wherever you go, you can’t go wrong. 

Centerpoint Energy Healing, housed in the upstairs of the same historic home that hosts FIELD by Morgan & Moss, is all about helping you get centered. Some of the things Brandi’s work as an intuitive energy healer will bring to your life? Reduced chronic pain, tension, and fatigue; managed anxiety and depression; improved mood, digestion, sleep, health, vitality, and passion; a new sense of hope. One-hour in-person reiki sessions allow you to sit or lay down while energy flows to stagnant spots in your energetic system. New to reiki healing or not sure if it’s for you? Learn more here. 

At 212 Med Spa at Harbor Square, you have a whole host of zen options available to explore: red light therapy, IV therapy, guided meditation, salt therapy, lymphatic drainage, cold therapy, oxygen therapy, and more. Plus, you can get a facial while you’re there, too. There’s so much to dabble in here, you’ll have many reasons to return to Edmonds! 

If you’re the type of person who wants or needs a prescription to get a massage (hey, we get it!), Edmonds Wellness Clinic is your place. They offer acupuncture and chiropractic care, too. 

Massage with a view? Yep, at Green Leaf Massage Therapy, you can see the whole beach and Sound, but any walkers or kayakers can’t see you. They offer all kinds of massage, including injury treatment and medical massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point release, pregnancy massage, hot and cold therapy, cupping, and more. 

Sometimes (often?), what your day calls for is a drool-inducing foot massage and Huang Cheng Foot Spa is the place in town to go to get one. Right by 99 Ranch Market (massage with a side of groceries and snacks—we approve), this no-frills massage will hit all the right pressure points, and for a great price. You can opt for feet only or invest in full body (clothes on). Bonus? They take walk-ins. 

For next-level facials, lasers, and skin treatments, head back to the water for your appointment at Next Ov Skin. You’ll feel relaxed as soon as you walk in the door to this dreamy space right by the ferry landing. Moms, this place was created for you

If you’re keen to spend the whole day invested in self-care, head to Ombu Salon + Spa downtown to do all the things: massage, facials, hair removal, skin treatments, scrubs, and more. Check out their packages and memberships to get the most for your money. 

If you want to double down on the grounding energy of reiki by experiencing it outdoors, book an appointment with Open Hands Reiki in Maureen’s outdoor gazebo. You’ll be able to breathe in nature while relaxing and connecting to every facet of your body—emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical. 

If you often feel anxious or jumpy, you may have a sensitive nervous system, and that’s what Sandpiper Massage specializes in supporting. In her cozy and comforting studio, Annika offers attentive, intentional, and kind massage therapy to support your physical, emotional, and mental wellness. 

Sweat is out at Sauna Hut—literally. A self-serve place for detoxification, Sauna Hut right by Ace Hardware on 5th Ave. S has three sauna rooms and also offers red light therapy. You can change the color of the light on your sauna to enjoy various light benefits, bring a journal inside, or simply sit with your eyes closed. If you think you’ll use the huts often (you will), consider a membership and enjoy frequent sweat sessions at your convenience. 

Go Get That R&R

And when you’re done at the spa, you’ll need to hydrate. Spend some time on the dining section of our site to find your preferred place to satiate. 

Happy spa-ing!

Photos by Matt Hulbert