The beauty—and potential frustration—of Edmonds are the unlimited ways you could spend a day experiencing everything the city offers: Great food, fun entertainment, views for days, cute shops, and always a little bit of magic. 

So, in this blog (which we may have to make into a series), we’re giving you ways to play with all of your senses. We’ve picked a few places to highlight in each category: see, hear, touch, smell, and taste, and we want you to know we’re not even scratching the surface with our recommendations. Yelp is your friend here, as are our Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Keep reading to give yourself a starting point, though. We’re about to have a full-sensory Edmonds kind of day. 

Edmonds Bookshop


Beyond strolling on the beach and taking in the full view of the Olympics while the ferry comes and goes, it’s fun to use your sense of sight to read the backs of books at the Edmonds Bookshop. The store has a large section of staff recommendations with cute little hand-written notes about what each staff member loved about that particular book. 

When you walk out, new-to-you book in hand, consider a walking tour of the large-scale art all around downtown. We wrote about a bunch of them here, and we’re excited to find you on a bench in front of them, flipping pages.   

Short, beautiful sentences make you smile? Before you head home, peruse the hand-made cards at The Paper Feather on 3rd. 

Musicology Co in Edmonds


Get your ears ready for the unique perfection of music playing on vinyl. Musicology, which recently opened on 5th Ave. S, is chock-full of records. Whether you’re a Swifty or spend a few evenings a week chopping dinner veggies to the croons of Sinatra, you’ll find something to spin at Musicology. 

Live music fan? Scroll through the upcoming performances at Edmonds Center of The Arts. And if you’re visiting during the summer, don’t be surprised if you run into sunny season performances on street corners during the Summer Market, at the marina, and in the parks. 

Main St.Tattoo in Edmonds

Touch and Be Touched

Slide your hand across the organic wool mattress toppers at Soaring Heart to feel the difference they’ll make in your sleep, and don’t be afraid to lie down on their hand-crafted mattresses. This shop really is a destination in its own right. And, if you’re a fan of soft things and have the skills to make them (or want to learn), head over to Stranded by The Sea by the ferry dock to pick out your next set of yarn and needles. The only thing holding you back is your imagination!

Getting a tattoo is certainly the next level of touch, especially since it can be painful! Main Street Tattoo opened in downtown Edmonds recently and is helmed by experienced artists ready to take your skin sensations up a notch. 

More interested in dipping your toe with a tiny tattoo? Wilder & Co. in Perrinville offers them, so add some time to your next hair appointment to get inked. 

And, if therapeutic needles are more your style, make an appointment at Healing Points Northwest by Edmonds Woodway High School (psst, Heidi takes insurance and offers cupping). For body and face treatments, try Next Ov Skin or Green Leaf Massage on the waterfront.  


If you’re downtown, the smell of lavender may beckon you to visit Pelindaba Lavender right by the fountain. While you’re in the area, your nose may take you up the street to Copper Rose Bakery at Main Street Commons or down the block to Red Twig Bakery & Cafe as they roast their coffee beans in-house. 

If you’re a tea fan, stick your nose in the glass vessels at Treasures & Teas, which is full of loose-leaf and bagged options, along with their necessary accouterments like pots and cups. 


For the most flavor-packed tastes in town, reserve a table at 5 Corners’ Bar Dojo, which combines Chino-Latino and Chinese flavors so beautifully you’ll wonder how you didn’t know about it before. At Ono Poke in Westgate, the seafood freshness is palpable. Get ready for an explosion of Hawaiian umami. 

Downtown, chew on the tapioca in your Oasis Tea Zone bubble tea or plan to take a class at Table for 12.

Edmonds is full of flavor, wherever you go! 

Your Sixth Sense

If you believe we aren’t limited to just our five physical senses (or are open to believing we have a sixth sense), head to The Edmonds Psychic just steps from the ferry. If self-serve is more your style, explore books and spiritual teachings at East West Bookshop or pick a pendulum or healing crystal at The Wishing Stone.

Photos by Matt Hulbert