Owners Pam and Steve Stuller, along with their fab barista staff, have made such a mark in this artsy, garage band/hiking kind of town that their funky, futuristic neighborhood hangout’s become a bit of a celebrity, an iconic landmark, a lifestyle everyone wants to be a part of.

Something cool's always happening at Walnut Street Coffee.

Their seasonal, tasteful artistic swag’s the stuff of legend: tin camp cups and mugs bearing the coffee house’s dark and light exterior for those warm, sunny summer days and cold wintry nights, HydroFlasks and MiiR cups to commemorate Earth Day, chic Walnut Street Coffee totes for Market Saturdays, ready-to-wear crew neck sweats, t-shirts and hoodies, lids and cushy, squishy knit beanies — perfect for the great, outdoorsy Northwest.

The gift that keeps giving.

The Walnut Street Coffee crew lives up to its motto of “creating an environment where lifelong memories are made.”