What is Edmonds known for?, you ask. Plenty. Maybe it's the westward facing beach with amazing sunsets that makes people so happy here, or the plethora of arts. But this little burb was voted every year for more than a decade on Evening Magazine, King 5's northwest show, as the "Friendliest Town." Lacking any real competition for the category, the station quit asking the question. 

Edmonds really does wear a great big blue ribbon around its neck. From its charming downtown to the bustling International District, Edmonds is the place to experience Asian culture, walk a mile-long sandy beach, kick back amid a relaxing vacation-style beach vibe, enjoy some truly fine eats downtown, shop boutiques and custom jewelry shops, get outdoors or stay inside — either of which will give you plenty of opportunity to take in the arts.

Edmonds is also known for being Washington State's first designated Creative District. It wasn't hard for this town of 42,000+ to earn the distinction. In visual arts alone, there are four outdoor temporary installations, 29 permanent flower basket pole artworks, 203 indoor 2 & 3D artworks in public spaces and city buildings. Then there are the multiple galleries of fine art. The city boasts a 700-seat amphitheater that brings in international acts and is the hub for performances by the local ballet troupe and our own symphony orchestra. Two theatrical groups treat citizens to thought-provoking performances. And any sunny day you'll find street performers and artists engaged in their art.

We're especially blessed, as well, with liquid and culinary arts. The foodie scene is growing every year. Come for Hama Hama Oysters, Wagyu steak, sushi, lobster rolls, and Asian-fusion everything. The bartenders whip up specials using the whiskeys and gin from Scratch Distillery, which in turn makes special distilled spirits from Salish Sea Brewing. 

Enjoy the arts and a fine meal, then head outside. Edmonds is a walker's paradise, with block after block of walkable sidewalks and a mile-plus waterfront route. Forty-eight parks and open spaces, an outdoor spray park, fishing pier and, of course, the marine sanctuary. The city has is blessed with a 27 acres of bottom and tidelands visited by 25,000 scuba divers every year. The Edmonds Underwater Park is part of the marine sanctuary. The Edmonds Marsh is a birdwatchers paradise and we're blessed with a 600+-slip marina that hosts the Puget Sound Express whale watching tours. The waterfront is also home to the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry terminal

Banner photo courtesy of Edmonds Downtown.